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About «Turovsky Survey»

"Turovsky Survey" focuses on quality control of fresh fruits & vegetables in Russia.

We cover the ports of NOVOROSSIYSK and SAINT-PETERSBURG.

Our surveyors have access to logistic hubs of all major RUSSIAN SUPERMARKETS : Tander, RVI, Dixy, Lenta. 

We work for EXPORTERS from Morocco, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Ecuador...

Our clients EXPORTERS receive real-time information about the acceptance of their goods.


Our advantages
Focus on fresh fruits & vegetables shipped into Russia by sea containers.
Highly qualified surveyors with more than 5 years of experience.
All orders and prices are discussed with the client on personal terms
Our surveyors work with you to improve your results.
The report includes
-Transport information

-Product information

-Packing and quantity information

-Quality and storage recommendations

-The table of results and percentage

-Conclusion of the surveyor
Turovsky Survey sample reports


We can also develop a report on your terms

An article about our work on "FreshPlaza"
Anton Turovsky on quality inspection of fresh produce by Russian supermarkets
Anton Turovsky on quality inspection of fresh produce by Russian supermarkets

The Russian fresh produce market is dominated by retail chains who import directly. According to Anton Turovsky, an independent quality control surveyor based in Saint-Petersburg, Russian supermarkets often exaggerate quality issues, and exporters should not simply trust their inspection methods. continue reading the article, please follow the link below...


Tomatoes - aspects of quality assessment
Importing tomatoes requires a high level of professionalism. The main problems are the shelf life upon arrival and bacterial diseases. In such cases, sorting out tomatoes does not make sense..."


томат3 томат1 томат2

Mandarins - aspects of quality assessment

Control of packaging, temperature, freshness, and much more about the quality of mandarins and the quality criteria of Russian supermarkets. 


Our geographical coverage
Our Offices
192241, Saint-Petersburg,
BC "NART", Sofiyskaya st,
60 lit A
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Welcome to our office in St. Petersburg.

Welcome to our office in St. Petersburg.
Russia, Novorossiysk,
st. Sovetov 55A, office 505
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Welcome to our office in Novorossiysk.
Welcome to our office in Novorossiysk.